5 domain personalities’ findings

this findings was based on the surveymonkey that had been given to 5 respondents and their friends. the questions are: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RFKT2WR

1. Openness to experience


‘openness to experience’ person is said to has this personality:

 curious, intelligent, imaginative.
High scorers tend to be artistic and sophisticated in taste and appreciate diverse views, ideas, and experiences.

 This respondent showed that he is an ‘open’ person. He is an imaginative and he appreciated his friends’ views and experiences through his posts.

 Overall, based on his answer in survey monkey, he thinks that most of his day is boring. This respondent’s friend think that he is not a boring person and his friend and this respondent himself said that his friends always share their secrets with him.

 For the character that best describes him, he and his friend answered ‘imaginative’ which is one of the ‘openness to experience’ personality. But if he works in a team, once again both the respondent and his friend believe that this respondent is a cooperative and like to help other member which is more suitable answer for ‘agreeableness’ personality. He also loves to help his friends which also showed that he has the agreeableness personality which is helpful.

 However he is an impatient person when he in a bad mood and for that he will listen to music. His friend also thinks that he will be okay when he is left alone. A person who has ‘open’ personality to experience would be calm when facing problems because they had other people’s experiences and views as their guide.

Overall it can be conclude that this person has the ‘openness’ personality which is imaginative and a little bit ‘agreeableness’ personality although sometimes he can be an impatient person.      


2. Conscientiousness


Conscientiousness person is a responsible, organized, persevering person. Conscientious individuals are extremely reliable and tend to be high achievers, hard workers, and planners.

based on surveymonkey results, 

Overall, this person has a good personality. She enjoys her life, ignore the haters and when she has problem, she will just stay calm and listen to music.

But according to the domain, this respondent is not a conscientiousness person but an aggreableness person. 

For example, for question 2, she chose ‘helpful’ as the character that describes her best instead of choosing organized or hard workers. This is agreed by her friend.

According to her friend, she always finish her assignment on time but the respondent herself proved that her friend is wrong when she answered ‘no’. her friend also said that hen she works in a team, she is an intelligent and appreciate people’s ideas but according to herself, when she works in a team, she is a cooperative and helpful member and when she has assignment, she will do it later.This is against the personality of conscientiousness which is hard workers and planners.

She also loves to support and encourage her friend when they need her but they rarely share their secret with her. But her friend said that she is a helpful friend and her friends share their secret with her. This is happened maybe to some close friends only. Both this respondent and her friend agreed that she believes that to achieve something in life, stay strong and imagination is the key but it reflects to the ‘openness’ personality.

It can be said that she is more to agreeableness personality but in the same time she can take openness personality too.


3. Extroversion


An extroversion person is an outgoing, amicable, assertive person.

Also friendly and energetic, extroverts draw inspiration from social situations.

Overall, this person enjoys her life and thinks that imaginative is her dominant character.

 But her friend thinks that she is an outgoing person and when she works in a team, she is an energetic and friendly with other members. Her friend showed that she is an extroversion person but for her, she thinks that she is a committed and will do her best when she works in a team which has the similarities with conscientiousness personality.

 Both of the respondent and her friend agree that the respondent loves to make friends and it already showed that she is an outgoing and amicable person. When she has problems, she and her friend think that she will be strong and stay calm.

They differs in the question that if she want something big in life, she must be smart in thinking and have imagination but her friend thinks that she will if she has a good plan.

 In conclusion, she has this extroversion personality which is outgoing.


4. Agreeableness


Agreeableness people have this kind of personality .

cooperative, helpful, nurturing.

People who score high in agreeableness are peace-keepers who are generally optimistic and trusting of others.

From the survey monkey, the respondent thinks that she is a helpful person but her friend thinks that she is an outgoing person. Both of them agreed that this respondent’s friends always shared their secrets with her. It showed that she can be trusted and she always helps her friends by listening to their problems and help them.

The same goes when she works in a team. Both of them think that she is a cooperative and helpful towards other members. Once again this two people thinks that to achieve something big in life, a person need to be helpful and trust other people because agreeableness people is a person who trust people around them.

When she has problems, her friend thinks that she will be relax but for her, she will hang out with friends. She also likes to make friend, same as the extroversion people.


5. neuroticism


characteristics: anxious, insecure, sensitive.

Neurotics are moody, tense, and easily tipped into experiencing negative emotions.

overall when has been asked what she thinks about her life, this person told that her life is boring.

for the question what she thinks about herself, she thinks that her friend and this person herself thinks that she is a helpful person and when she works in a team, she will give her full commitment and best but her friend thinks that although she work hard but she is a sensitive person.

when she have problems, both of them thinks that the respondent will easily get mad and if a person hate her, she will just ignore that person. if she has problems, she will cry but according to her friend, she will take a nap.

her friends hardly share their problems with her and but the thing that is good about her is she loves to help her friends.